Hello 🙂 my name is Jelena, I’m 22 yrs old and I live in Austria-Vienna. Originally I am from Serbia but in 2003 I moved with my parents to Vienna.

I’ve always dreamt about having my own fashion line and I always was crazy about fashion. I would say my style is a jumble of everything because I love it to try something new and I’m not shy to show it.

My biggest wish is to be independent and to travel the world with my partner in crime.

Crazy about: fashion, movies, music, shopping, sweets, traveling, Spanish, makeup, love, peace, food

I decided to start my blog because I want to share my world with the outside world. My journal is going to show you my life in Viennamy big passion for fashionbeauty tips and lifestyle habits.

If you have any questions just contact me: > jelenasjournal@gmail.com

In a world full of alikeness I want to make difference.
Enjoy visiting my blog and follow me on the Social Media.

xo Jelena